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Effective Full-Service Law Firm on the South Shore

Dedicated to providing high-quality services to individuals and businesses on the South Shore, our full-service law firm is comprised of experienced professionals working collaboratively in diverse legal arenas. In many situations, different areas of the law will overlap over the course of proceedings, highlighting the necessity to find a full-service firm to represent your interests. 

Experienced & Dedicated Lawyers

Committed to excellence, our firm has the most skillful and devoted lawyers to make certain that our valued clients’ interests are zealously represented. The legal team at Wells, Lamey, Bryson, Schnare & Mailman benefits from decades of experience, allowing us to offer innovative solutions in all matters, from Personal Injury to Litigation.

Looking For An Effective Family Lawyer? 

We provide quality representation in all aspects of family law.

Are You In Need of a Will or Estate Services?

Let our lawyers help you approach the future with a plan in place.

Are You Buying or Selling Property?

Commercial and residential – our team of lawyers helps with all your Conveyancing needs.

Have You Been Injured Through No Fault Of Your Own?

We will help you get the compensation you deserve.

Full-Service Law Firm

Our full-service advocacy ensures that all the legal needs of the area’s residents are served. Clients come to our firm because, not only are we trusted members of the South Shore community, but locals know that our skilled lawyers provide comprehensive services, collaborating to handle all legal issues. Offering services to both business and personal clients, we focus our skills on several areas including:
      Personal Injury & Accident Law: Helping clients gain the maximum possible settlement, we support those who have sustained injuries in motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, or other situations causing injury through no fault of the client.
      Real Estate: Ensuring clients, both business and personal, experience a hassle-free transaction when buying and selling property.
      Civil Litigation: We handle contentious matters on behalf of either claimants or defendants. Working in a wide variety of areas, from labour disputes to property concerns, we facilitate prompt, agreeable outcomes.
      Business & Corporate Law: Assisting commercial clients with new and existing business ventures, from litigious concerns to restructuring.
      Family Law: Dealing with every aspect of family law from divorce to marriage, custody to support, we provide effective solutions for all family-related legal concerns.
      Wills & Estates: Helping clients with Estate Management, Trust Preparation, and making sure the South Shore residents prepare for the future with an effective Will.
Discover the advantages of quality advocacy when approaching your legal interests – contact the Wells, Lamey, Bryson, Schnare & Mailman team today.

Personal Injury Law

Our team of dedicated lawyers understands the challenges faced by injured parties and dedicates significant resources to providing plaintiff advocacy in these matters. Whether you have sustained an injury, a slip and fall, workplace incident, or motor vehicle accident, we are ready to assist you in getting the compensation you deserve. Working on a contingency basis, our firm doesn’t collect any funds until you do. If you have sustained injuries through no fault of your own and are looking to pursue legal recourse, contact our office to discuss your options.

Professional Affiliations

Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society
Atlantic Province Trial Lawyers Association
Real Estate Lawyers of Nova Scotia
Collaborative Family Law Nova Scotia
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