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Municipal, Criminal and Employment Lawyers in Chester

Municipal Law

As legal advisors to local municipal governments our firm has extensive experience in this field. Not only has this experience been of value to municipal governments, it has also been essential to our many clients who have interacted with municipalities in the course of their business. Municipal regulation and involvement reaches into all levels of property, development and ownership and can involve issues surrounding taxation, building and planning controls, subdivision controls and services. Knowing what to expect and what is involved can be valuable information to our clients.

Employment Law

Providing diverse services, our employment and labour lawyers ensure that the Chester community’s businesses and workforce have effective legal advocacy in all matters. Employment Law covers an assortment of matters, ranging from labour disputes to properly vetting contracts for new hires. By sourcing quality representation of your interests, you can reduce overall costs by saving time and money otherwise dedicated to lengthy human resources investments. We handle a wide range of issues, including compliance concerns, mergers and acquisitions, venture capital financing, matters related to corporation and partnership securities, and financing issues such as public and private securities offerings.


For Employees

There are many situations in which an employee ought to seek out legal representation, ranging from sourcing advice on new contracts to seeking advocacy on litigious matters such as contentious terminations. The careful attention of skilled lawyers helps you ensure that all bases are covered and that you take the correct course of action during your next career maneuver. We are able to provide effective services to our clients, whether they are contract workers, union staff, or non-unionized employees.


For Employers

Depending on the industry and specific nature of your business, the demands from your lawyers will differ. Whether you are involved in the recruitment process and seek to ensure the efficacy of upcoming contractual agreements, are looking to limit your overall liability, or are handling a tricky termination, our firm is ready to assist. Contact our office to discuss your options.

Criminal Law

We have the experience and track record to represent you in Criminal Code cases. Our criminal defence team has the court room and trial experience to pursue the best possible outcome for you. We understand that a criminal charge is a significant life event that impacts you greatly. As such, you should not choose your criminal defence lawyer lightly. Meet with our team for an initial consult with no commitment and decide for yourself if we are the right people for the job.

Wrongful Termination? Confusing Workplace Contract?

Our team of employment lawyers provides straightforward, effective solutions to labour concerns.

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