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Real Estate & Conveyancing Services on the South Shore

Buying and selling a house or other real estate can be an exciting time but is one involving significant financial, legal and even tax consequences. Professional advice should be obtained at an early stage. Whether you are new to the real estate process or have significant experience in the conveyancing arena, our South Shore-based legal team can help you. Our law firm has extensive experience dealing with all types of real estate such as residential, commercial, subdivisions, waterfront and recreational properties, woodland and vacant property to name some. The sale of any property has its own issues and seeking legal advice early can be crucial to bringing about a successful transaction. Free initial consultations are available where costs and potential issues can be explained and explored.


We have a team of authorized lawyers under the Land Registration Act.


We are experienced in working with real estate agents, surveyors, appraisers and other related professionals.


Call us today to discuss your real estate concerns.

Buying or Selling Property?  

An experienced Real Estate lawyer can ensure a stress-free transaction – call today! 

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