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Wills and Estates Services in Chester

The importance of Wills and Estates is far-reaching. Our Chester law firm offers comprehensive services to allow you to prepare for the future, enabling you to help loved ones after you are gone through the diligent governance of your estate.


In collaboration with estate management services, our team of skilled lawyers assists diverse clientele with the production of thorough Wills. With the advantages brought by years of experience, our advocates ensure that all necessary components of the process are taken into account since a simple Will is generally insufficient to care for an entire estate. These additional steps include:

  Preparing your Power of Attorney

  Creating your Personal Directive

  Advising on naming your Executor

With the legal expertise of our experienced professionals, we are able to offer these services at cost-effective rates and are generally able to complete the process in two or fewer appointments. This essential process allows you to account for your interests after you are gone, ensuring that your relatives do not need to dispute the estate’s administration.


There are many adverse ramifications to estate proceedings in situations where a person dies without a properly executed Will. For instance, without the presence of a Will, in many cases, those located ex Juris may be disqualified for the administration process and bonds need to be posted prior to the process moving forward. A prudently established Will avoids these pitfalls and provides peace of mind in knowing that matters are cared for in the manner of your choosing.

Family-Related Estate Services

Our firm accommodates all needs related to Wills and Estates, particularly where they overlap with the field of Family Law. These services include, but are not limited to:

Implementation and management of Family Trusts

Matters relating to divorce, separation, and proceedings connected to division of matrimonial assets

Inter-generational planning for wealth transfers such as cottage succession plans and foreign assets planning

To learn more about the straightforward and efficient Will preparation and Estate management services offered through our firm, contact us and we will gladly schedule an appointment.

Gain Peace of Mind By Preparing For The Future   

A properly executed Will protects your interests even after you are gone.  

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